December 29, 2020 2 min read

As decades have folded, almost everything has ultimately transformed according to the mood and ease of the people. The famous natural technique to cure various skin, respiratory and anxiety issues called Halotherapy or Salt Room therapy is also a transformed version with its roots going back to centuries. This technique uses the healing abilities of Himalayan pink salt to cure diseases and soothe mind.

       Himalayan salt therapy - Salt room builder


There are many historical events which tell the authenticity of the Himalayan salt but the most precise one among them is the post Battle of Budapest event. Back in 326 BC some injured soldiers who fought in the Battle of Budapest took refuge in the Himalayan salt ranges (which are in Pakistan now) along with their wounded horses. Those horses licked the walls of the salt caves and got healed real quickly. The soldiers also found out that the atmosphere of the Himalayan salt caves was very soothing.

They later on told the healers of that time about their experience and the healers also experienced quite same and thus their collaborative experiences turned into one of historical events which prove that Himalayan salt has the healing powers. After that, people literally started spending time in the Himalayan salt caves.

       Halotherapy - Salt room builder

The modern-day Halotherapy cabin is a transformed version of Himalayan salt caves. It is specially designed space where people get cured (mostly from respiratory and skin diseases) and soothe their inner selves through meditation. All they have to do is relax in comfortable chairs, breath the Himalayan salt (which is quite in abundant in the Halotherapy cabins) and give the Himalayan salt some time to do its wonders. It’s famous all over the world for its amazing results.

Now its famous almost all over the world including America, Europe, Asia, New Zealand and others.

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